South of Spain and Portugal by train

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Train trip

From South of France to South of Spain

We started our journey from Toulouse with the idea to reach Barcelona by train (regional train), via Latour-de-Carol/Entveitg (in the mountains), which, despite tacking a bit longer, is much cheaper than high-speed trains to Barcelona. However, due to strikes in France that particularly affected trains, we went to Barcelona by car (car sharing). We were lucky enough to find a ride in the morning and could enjoy a sunny afternoon in Barcelona!

Once in Barcelona, you have different options to reach Andalucía: Either you take a high-speed train (AVE trains) to Madrid and then a regional train (Talgo trains) to Almería, or you can go through Alcazár de San Juan instead of Madrid with Talgo trains (longer but cheaper). Unfortunately we could not make it through Alcazár de San Juan as trains were all fully booked to go to the Don Quijote city: Carnival was happening at the same time and we were not quick enough to book our tickets!
We left Barcelona (Sants) in the early morning the next day to reach Madrid (Puerta de Atocha) in about 3 hours, givving us 5 to 6 hours before our connection to Almería. We spent the afternoon at the Parque del Retiro, a big green spot in Madrid where you can visit the Palacio de Cristal, a glasshouse hosting exhibitions, and closeby, the Palacio Velazquez, which also hosts contemporary art.

From Madrid, we took the Talgo train that passes by Alcazár de San Juan and lets you admire the majestuous windmills (Molines) to finally reach our first destination in Andalucía: Almería!



Granada and Sierra Nevada


Sevilla and Cadiz