My research

Scientific Production


  • Cottereau, B.R., Smith, A.T., Rima, S., Fize, D., Héjja-Brichard, Y., Renaud, L., … Durand, J.-B. (2017). Processing of Egomotion-Consistent Optic Flow in the Rhesus Macaque Cortex. Cerebral Cortex, 1-14 (doi).

Oral presentations

  • Héjja-Brichard, Y. (2018). Open Science: Why and How? CerCo’s Young Scientist Meeting, Toulouse, France [slides]

  • Héjja-Brichard, Y. & Mercier M.R. (2018). Data visualisation in cognitive neuroscience: Functional neuroimaging and electrophysiology. Talk given for the Toulouse Data Vizualisation group, Toulouse, France [slides]

  • Héjja-Brichard, Y. & Cottereau, B.R. (2017). Adaptation aux régularités spatiales de l’environnement au sein de systèmes de vision stéréoscopique. Journée des doctorants, Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, France

Small talk(s)

  • Héjja-Brichard, Y. (2018). Stereovision in the animal kingdom: Which species, at what cost, and for which advantages? CerCo Lab Day, Muret, France
  • Héjja-Brichard, Y. (2016). Morality and Ethics: A (very) short review. CerCo Lab’s Journal Club, Toulouse, France.

Poster presentations

  • Héjja-Brichard, Y., Rima, S., Rapha, E., Durand, J.-B., Cottereau, B.R. (2018, November). Stereomotion processing in the non-human primate brain. Annual meeting of Society for Neuroscience, San Diego, USA.
  • Héjja-Brichard, Y., Rima, S., Durand, J.-B., Cottereau, B.R. (2017, August). Stereomotion processing in the non-human primate brain. European Conference on Visual Perception, Berlin, Germany.

  • Héjja-Brichard, Y., Rima, S., Trotter, Y., Banks, M.S., Durand, J.-B., Cottereau, B.R. (2015, December). Adaptation to the 3D properties of the environment in non-human primates. GDR Vision annual forum, Grenoble, France.


  • 2018 (November): 2018 Primate Welfare Meeting, organised by the NC3Rs in London, UK.
  • 2018 (May): The 6th Toulouse Economics and Biology Workshop, on the theme ‘Evolution, Cognition, and Rationality’ organised by the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse, France.
  • 2017 (March): Statistics workshop on advanced statistical methods using R software taught by Martijn Wieling (University of Groningen, The Netherlands) organised at the CerCo Lab
  • 2016 (November): Statistics workshop: “Building Confidence Intervals with R” taught by Jean-Michel Hupé (CerCo, CNRS Toulouse, France) (pdf)
  • 2016 (April): Ethics in researchAspects éthiques de la recherche en biologie et enjeux de société” organised by a doctoral school (BSB-Biologie, Santé, Biotechnologie), Toulouse, France.
  • 2015 (November): Statistics workshop: “ Statistical methods for Signal Detection Models in Psychophysics” taught by Kenneth Knoblauch (Inserm, Lyon) and “Mixed models (GLMM) for vision data” taught by Rafaël Laboissière (LPNC, Grenoble)

Popularisation of science

  • Talk about 3D vision in animals and how to study it (Feb. 2017) “En tête à tête avec un jeune chercheur”, Museum de Toulouse: “La vision 3D : mieux qu’au cinéma !”

  • Article (March 2017, in French) about the evolution of 3D vision in animals, written for Muséum Toulouse (Museum of Natural sciences): Yseult Héjja-Brichard & Benoit R. Cottereau “Evolution et vision : le vivant a de la profondeur !” (here)

  • Member of InCOGnu, an organisation of students and young researchers in cognitive science in Toulouse area, France. We organise monthly conferences, workshops for the general audience (adults and children) and take part in various events of science popularisation (Pint of Science, Brain Awareness Week, National Forum of cognitive science, Scientilivre …). We also give talks about various topics in the field of cognitive sciences.
    More specifically, I am involved in communicating about the events and am a member of the board, thus taking part in decision making and project proposal submission, or in inviting speakers.